The Mîrkšam Language

Online edition 0.8

Information about the constructed language Mîrkšam. A lexicon and reference grammar of the language are available below — still incomplete, but now well on their way to comprehensiveness! Also found here is an interlinear translation of the beginning of Lord Dunsany's The Gods of Pegāna into Mîrkšam, as well as various other sample texts.

A Lexicon of the Mîrkšam Language: Nentseńaš Mîrkšami

A Reference Grammar of the Mîrkšam Language: Feizet Âg Śothutmašmiek Mîrkšami (pdf)

Interlinear translation of The Gods of Pegāna (pdf)

Other sample texts in Mîrkšam (with interlinears)

Further information is available at the Conlang Atlas of Language Structures (CALS):