Various fonts I’ve made or extended.

Unicode fonts

Garamond Extended
A Garamond font with support for extended Latin, the International Phonetic Alphabet, Old Cyrillic, Hebrew, Polytonic Greek, innumerable symbols, Glagolitic, old style numerals, Ancient Egyptian transliteration, Phoenician, etc. This font was (mostly) not made by me, only assembled, and I claim no credit for it; I mainly put it here because it’s useful. Most of the added characters are not hinted yet, so they may look poor in some programs.

A bitmap Fraktur font, made in Bitfontmaker2. The choice of name is unfortunate, as I later found out several fonts with the same name already existed, but it’s too late to change.

A palaeographic bitmap font of 17th-century Habsburg chancery hand, made in Bitfontmaker2. Has wide Latin character support.

A palaeographic bitmap font of 16th-century English secretary hand, made in Bitfontmaker2. Has wide Latin character support.

A bitmap version of the Mordred font designed by Paul Reid, made in Bitfontmaker2. Has wide Latin character support.

A simple bitmap font with geometric letterforms, made in Bitfontmaker2. Probably not very useful for anything, but it does have fairly wide Latin character support.

Non-Unicode fonts

A bitmap font of the old Albanian Vithkuqi alphabet. Not Unicode, since Unicode has not yet encoded the Vithkuqi script.

Vithkuqi Thin
Same as above, but with fixed-width strokes and a lighter weight.

Vithkuqi Alternate
Same as VithkuqiThin, but with slightly different letterforms.

Vithkuqi Cursive
A cursive version of the Vithkuqi alphabet.

Fonts for self-invented scripts

A vector font for my inchoate constructed language Zahudnaru. Capital letters are inscriptional with serifs; small letters are monospaced and sans-serif.

Zahudnaru Script
The handwritten version of Zahudnaru. If installed alongside the regular Zahudnaru font, it will be assigned as the italic of that font.

A bitmap font for my current constructed language Mîrkšam.

A bitmap font for my oldest constructed language Sazhir, with inscriptional orthography.

Sazhir Script
The handwritten version of Sazhir orthography.

Sazhir Cursive
The fully-connected cursive version of Sazhir orthography.

An outdated version of the Sazhir script, as it was when I first made “Sazhere” in 2006. Largely obsolete.

Vithkuqi Divergent
A formal script I developed based on the Vithkuqi alphabet. Capital letters are the new formal script; small letters are standard Vithkuqi.

Phonetic hand English
A phonetic shorthand for English.

Phonetic hand Mîrkšam
A version of the same phonetic shorthand adapted for Mîrkšam.