Strahinja Ćirić: Homepage

Hi! You’ve made your way to my secluded corner of the Internet. There is, as of yet, not much here, but perhaps the little that there is might prove interesting, or send you to more interesting ideas of your own. At any rate, here’s a few years’ worth of detritus swept up in one place.



Some things I’ve translated over the years: Russian, Serbian, and Croatian epic poetry, modern revolutionary songs, Ancient Egyptian stories, Middle English songs, etc.

Old Slavonic Texts in Unicode

A corpus of texts in Old Church Slavonic encoded in Unicode, based on the Corpus Cyrillo-Methodianum Helsingiense.


A constructed language, Šamhešmi, in all its hideous detail. Featuring a grammar, a lexicon, and a good heap of translated texts. Formerly known as Mîrkšam.


Some fonts I’ve made or extended with new characters.


A collection of quotations from a long time ago. I’d probably include a different selection if I were to make it again today.

MyMap Expansion Project

Old files for a mod of the grand strategy game For the Glory (essentially a revision of Europa Universalis II) that attempted to adapt AGCEEP events to the MyMap map.


Nothing here. Moving on…


A smattering of links to other websites, some of them interesting or odd, others just places I contribute to. No guarantee that they still work.