Homepage of Strahinja Ćirić

This site is at most a footnote, a little-visited island in some corner of a pitiless sea, where one wandering human crawls across an empty stretch of sand and etches some arbitrary notes and dreams collected over a few fleeting years. It does not cohere or direct anywhere. It is only what is found within it.


Translations I’ve made of various works: Russian, Serbian, and Croatian epic poetry, Soviet songs, Middle English poetry, etc.

Old Slavonic Texts in Unicode
A corpus of Old Church Slavonic texts, based on the Corpus Cyrillo-Methodianum Helsingiense, in Unicode.

Information about the invented language Mîrkšam; currently, a lexicon, a reference grammar, and a few translated works are available.

Fonts I’ve made or extended.

A collection of quotations.

MyMap Expansion Project
Files for a mod for the grand strategy game For the Glory (essentially a revision of Europa Universalis II) that attempted to adapt AGCEEP events to the MyMap map.

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The Internet is quite an unstable realm; these links may fade on the morrow or the overmorrow... but they were functional when this page was updated.